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About our Virtual Private Servers...

Vixile virtual private servers are a fusion of the latest server-grade hardware components and industry-leading virtualization software XEN or OpenVZ on SolusVM and DTC. Each managed VPS is a truly unique and private environment with its own guaranteed resources and full root access. All virtual servers are based in our San Jose or Chicago Datacenter.

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual server which shares a host system with other users, however is completely isolated and secure and provides the opportunities and appearance of a dedicated server. Each VPS can be independently managed, rebooted and can have the operating system changed at any time. By being isolated from other users on the host system, full root access can be granted to the VPS, allowing for maximum flexibility in regards to administering your server, installing software and configuring applications.

What is the difference between OpenVZ and XEN?

Fully managed Virtual Private Servers

All Vixile Linux Virtual Private Servers are fully managed and come with our complete management package. This includes hardware management, network management, operating system and software support, proactive security patches and updates, proactive monitoring, firewall, spam prevention, server hardening and more.

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Processor RAM Storage Bandwidth Price  
1-4 cores 128 MB 5 GB 125 GB $6.95/mo  
1-4 cores 256 MB 15 GB 250 GB $9.95/mo
1-4 cores 384 MB 22 GB 375 GB $14.95/mo
1-4 cores 512 MB 30 GB 500 GB $19.95/mo
1-4 cores 768 MB 45 GB 750 GB $29.95/mo
1-8 cores 1024 MB 60 GB 1000 GB $34.95/mo
1-8 cores 1152 MB 67 GB 1125 GB $39.95/mo
1-8 cores 1280 MB 75 GB 1250 GB $49.95/mo
1-8 cores 1408 MB 82 GB 1375 GB $54.95/mo
1-8 cores 1536 MB 90 GB 1500 GB $59.95/mo
1-8 cores 1792 MB 115 GB 1750 GB $64.95/mo
1-8 cores 2048 MB 130 GB 2000 GB $69.95/mo

All plans include the following

Each plan will include the following features. You can also get more add ons below the included features. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Around-The-Clock Support

We offer 24/7/365 support for all our customers. We have different methods of support including email, phone, ticket support & live chat.

Affordable Pricing

You no longer have to break your wallet for quality. We make sure our servers stay affordable while never sacraficing their quality.

Top quality servers

You only get the best! Each server runs on a Dual Quad Core Nehalem servers running 2.4 GHz, minimum 12 GB of DDR2 RAM, and 2 x 1 TB HDD! On a 100MBPS connection!

We guarantee our services

Each package comes with a 28-day, no questions asked, moneyback guarantee. We feel very strongly about our servers and their performance.

Quality Managed Support

Whether it's a simple question or something you completely don't understand, we are here for you! You can submit a ticket any time, and know that you will soon receive an answer.

It's not rocket science

Most hosts make it look like rocket science and make it more difficult then necessary, at Vixile we make it as easy as possible for the client.

Available Addons (per month)

Extra RAM 

  • +128 MB
  • +256 MB
  • +384 MB
  • +512 MB
  • +768 MB

It's often cheaper to upgrade your package to the next level, then ordering extra RAM.

Extra HDD 

  • +10 GB
  • +20 GB
  • +30 GB
  • +40 GB
  • +50 GB

Control panels 

  • cPanel
  • Directadmin
  • LxAdmin
  • Webmin
  • Virtualmin

You can install any control panel that you want, these are the panel's that we provide licenses for or install for you.

Extra Bandwidth 

  • +100 GB
  • +200 GB
  • +300 GB
  • +400 GB
  • +500 GB

*) Burstable RAM is based on equal share, and shall not be considered as guaranteed ram. Burstable ram is meant for peak moments where your VPS have a higher load then usual, usage over longer time will turn into a upgrade request and later on into a suspension.

**) Each VPS comes with 2 Dedicated IP's, one IP is provisioned by default, the second one has to be requested trough a support ticket after the VPS has been setup with a clarification for it's need.

Operating System: Please take a look at our frequently asked questions page to see what operating systems that are available with the different virtualization types.

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