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VPS Backups Introduction

Hello, Vixile is proud to announce backups of your VPS hosting account. Due to the size and amount of files involved by backing up your entire VPS system then this feature is made paid. A complete VPS backup can me set to weekly or monthly intervals, and you can choose the amount of backups you would prefer to have, a backup made on the 1st September can be overwritten by the one made at 1st October. Or you can keep 1st September and 1st October and let 1st November overwrite 1st September. The same system goes for the weekly backups, you can choose yourself for Weekly or Monthly and how many backups you want to keep at any given time. The backup system wil... Read more

Introducing Offsite VPS Backups

We're proud to introduce offsite backups that can be manually created and started from within your SolusVM controlpanel. You can at any point create your own backup trough your VPS controlpanel (SolusVM) and allow you to restore the backup at any time. All VPS's come with central backup included, more backup slots can be bought at an additional $2 per slot, this will allow you to take a backup no matter what size you'r VPS currently is. If you have any questions or issues regarding the matter, then please don't hesitate to contact our sales department.... Read more

Vixile Buys Ostach!

Hello everyone, Today I wanted to take a minute and inform everyone about our latest acquisition. Vixile Hosting Solutions is proud to announce the purchase of Ostach Solutions. We are very happy to take over and provide their clients with a new home :) The clients will be transferred over to our high quality servers within the next couple of days. They will enjoy the following benefits of the switch: Toll free phone support! Live chat! (Sales, Support, Billing) Full management! Xen-based nodes! Unlimited free SSL certificates! We are looking forward to working with every single client to make sure the ... Read more

Vixile is getting new features

I wanted to write an update regarding our website &amp; company. First off if everything goes according to plan we will be releasing a brand new, updated, and re-coded version of our website tomorrow. It will load much faster, provide more information and include our cool new mascot &amp; logo! The second update that will also be released tomorrow is the introduction of XEN Virtual Private Server(VPS). As a special feature we will give you guys an opportunity to try it at 50% off for the first month. We are sure you will love them, so we want to give you a chance to test them out at half the price! The coupon: <strong>50OFF </strong>will do the trick, just simp... Read more

Small downtime.

I wanted to take a minute to explain the short outage we had today on August 07 2010. One of the clients on our shared server (srv1) used a script that caused the  server to kneel and appear down to all our Shared and Reseller clients hosted on  this machine. We have now dealt with the problem and are not expecting any more outages for the future. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to submit a support ticket and someone will gladly help with anything you like.... Read more

Regarding our knowledgebase

Dear current and future customers, we at Vixile have worked extremely hard to get our network and our new website up and running a proper way. Currently we are working on a re-code of our current website to make it compatible with IE browsers down to IE6, 64% of our visitors are IE users, and we therefor find it important that our website is displayed in a proper way. We are also working on our Affiliate program, easier VPS ordering with more options and will be introducing XEN very shortly. All of this has been prioritized in front of our knowledge base, and it's therefor very empty. For this we apologize, and we will as quickly as possible fill in our knowledge base with... Read more

What is good about linux hosting?

Linux  hosting is a fairly easy thing to get. If you are currently on Windows  and you are thinking about getting this kind, you do not have to fret  since the PC's operating system and that of the web host will not impact  each other. Let us find out more about Linux hosting. The  first benefit of getting Linux hosting is that it is easy to afford.  This is an open-source software that you can get for less compared to  Mac or Windows. You do not have to pay for any licensing fees. Windows  has very strict rules on licensing. Each product will get its own  license. You do not have to worry about this with Linux because you can  do ... Read more

How to find a dependable web host

Finding  the right web host for you is always a challenging thing especially  since the choices are so plenty. There are some things that you need to  consider before you finally choose which one to get. When  you meet up with the web hosting provider, you have to ask the right  questions about the services that they are offering to you. There has to  be a way for you to see if their services are really helping your site.  This article will tell you about some more factors that you have to  look at. Your preferences will vary but there are some general  considerations that have to be made. Before you begin to make a  decision, you ... Read more

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