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OpenVZ vs XEN

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Their both equally good, or?

Vixile offers two types of virtualization platforms for your Virtual Private Servers. We had decided to use the two most popular and stable platforms XEN and OpenVZ. You can easily pick which one you want to order by clicking OpenVZ or the XEN buttons under the slider, which you can slide over to pick the package you want. Both OpenVZ & XEN contain the same plans & are at the same prices.


XEN is a very powerful and popular virtualization system for Virtual Private Servers. It delivers a very stable base, due to it’s unique way of using memory. When you order a XEN VPS you always receive what you pay for, it’s like buying a mini dedicated server. It is more stable, and your neighboring VPS cannot bring you down. The way XEN handles itself when memory is exhausted is also unique. Instead of crashing the server, and taking everyone down with you, your server slows down gradually instead. Once memory is restored, your server goes back to smooth sailing like nothing ever happened. However the ease of use on XEN VPS is harder, and requires a deeper know-how. Allow for a deeper range of settings that you can change gives you more control over your server.


OpenVZ is another very powerful and popular virtualization system used for Virtual Private Servers. OpenVZ runs only on Linux servers. Due to it’s low overhead, the performance of servers is usually faster. The way OpenVZ handles memory is slightly different from XEN. When all of the guaranteed memory is exhausted, the server simply crashes. However on the bright side you have burstable memory, which means you might have only 1GB of guaranteed ram, but really have 2GB when you really need it. OpenVZ is also a lot easier to use, allowing the less advanced users to learn quicker & easier.


In the end it really comes down to the users preference. What would you prefer? If you are an advanced developer with a background knowledge or demand to use the deeper settings of XEN you might want to go with that. You might just be looking to host your websites or other things which you might have had on a shared hosting account but decided it was time to move to a VPS. Whatever choice you make you will still be our beloved customer, and we love all of our customers, which means you get the support you need, when you need it.

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