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Vixile is getting new features

Posted on 11 August, 2010 by Freddy L.

I wanted to write an update regarding our website & company. First off if everything goes according to plan we will be releasing a brand new, updated, and re-coded version of our website tomorrow. It will load much faster, provide more information and include our cool new mascot & logo!

The second update that will also be released tomorrow is the introduction of XEN Virtual Private Server(VPS). As a special feature we will give you guys an opportunity to try it at 50% off for the first month. We are sure you will love them, so we want to give you a chance to test them out at half the price! The coupon: <strong>50OFF </strong>will do the trick, just simply use it at checkout to get the discount!

We have plenty more of new an exciting features that will be available in the upcoming months. Such as our affiliate program going live, with a huge contest where you can win an Ipad, $500, Ipod, and much more! So stay tuned!

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