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VPS Backups Introduction

Posted on 18 October, 2010 by Freddy L.


Vixile is proud to announce backups of your VPS hosting account. Due to the size and amount of files involved by backing up your entire VPS system then this feature is made paid.

A complete VPS backup can me set to weekly or monthly intervals, and you can choose the amount of backups you would prefer to have, a backup made on the 1st September can be overwritten by the one made at 1st October. Or you can keep 1st September and 1st October and let 1st November overwrite 1st September.

The same system goes for the weekly backups, you can choose yourself for Weekly or Monthly and how many backups you want to keep at any given time.

The backup system will allow you to take a complete and full restore of your VPS if necessary, it will also give you the extra security if something where to go wrong.

All backups are stored in a different datacenter in a different location for the extra security. To signup for Vixile's Backup solutions then please contact us at for prices and further information.

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